Who Are We?

Mesav Mold Industry and Engineering Services Limited Company was developed by R&D and P&D department of Mesav Mold Company 25 years ago. Our company has been serving successfully in the metal cuffing and progressive mold industry for over 25 years. Founded in 1993, MESAV aims to produceworld-class progressive mold and machining solutions the using the latest tools. Our company is a leader in Turkey and rank among the top successful companies in the world with mold and metal link production facilities and the defense industry. With additional investments in background, machinery and production facilities and the intensive employment of new professionals, we have been able to take a major step in recent years and now we are proud to servein our facility of 52 thousand m2 since the second quarter 2018. Our company, working with the goal of quality and production at the time, continues its business life as a resulty ofthe R&D activities carried out by the R&D activities which are engegesd inthe production of technology and people with the production and measurement systems.